Preparation and groundwork for a good funeral ceremony

It is difficult to say goodbye to someone close to you. Let’s talk about what a dignified,appropriate and successful funeral service can look like.

I would be happy to come to your home or to another place of your choice.

If you wish,there can be a detailed discussion about your relationship with him or her. Their relationship with the children,the rest of the family,friends,colleagues and aquaintances is also important.

It’s vital to me that we can plan the funeral together.It goes without saying that others close to the deceased can also join us.

What we can talk about together

  • Did the deceased person have special wishes or had arrangements for the funeral already been made?
  • What are your wishes for the music?
  • Would you like family members or others close to the deceased to help with the organisation?
  • We inform the federal government and other authorities of basic data such as the name of the deceased, relatives’ names, date and place of birth as well as particulars of the life stages of tge deceased.
  • What was the deceased for you?
  • What did you particularly like about him/her and what made him or her special/distinctive?
  • Which shared experiences do you particularly like to look back on?
  • Was there a special situation/challenge/problem that you overcame together?
  • What wishes and hopes did the deceased have for the future?
  • What were your own wishes and plans for your future life together?
  • Were there difficulties and problems that should or should not be mentioned?
  • Could any affect some of the mourners?
  • Photos

In order to adequately portray the deceased in the funeral speech it’s important to be able to draw a picture in the speech that depicts him/her as he/she was and how those present knew the person.

As a funeral speaker I am obliged to maintain confidentiality with all information given to me in strict confidence. Only what you expressly approve will be included in the speech.