Planning your own funeral service during your lifetime

It makes sense to plan your own funeral during your own lifetime. Well-known people such as Helmut Schmidt, Margaret Thatcher and, in Munich Gerd Kaefer, Pierre Brice and Petra Schuermann, all planned their funerals in advance.

Nowadays there are several possibilities about this and a wide range of forms of burial.
Talking about it in beforehand is especially helpful for relatives.

In addition to financial and organisational aspects, your own funeral service is at the heart of the provision discussion: the process, the music, citations, what you think should be mentioned, the outline of your self-portrait as a default for the funeral speaker. All of this we can do in such a provision-making discussion.

When you know that this ceremony is going to be organised according to your wishes you can perhaps also approach this last act of your family for you,with composure in your social life. You yourself will be ‘present’ again in this event, because your wishes and imagination have shaped the ceremony.

Let’s talk about this at the precautionary interview.